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Westward Leaning

Westward Leaning
San Fransisco
Digital, Branding, Print

Westward Leaning is a socially conscious luxury eyewear brand based in San Francisco. We were asked to refresh the brand, adjust the visual identity and modernise accordingly. We wanted to create something modern, and edgy retaining the well know diagonal slash.

We kept the legibility of bold type with the contrast of a thin line, this helped show the boldness of the brand partnered with the quality of the craftsmanship.

Born from the slash, We developed a set of icons which helped unify the brand on different touch points.

The packaging keeps to a systematic approach with logo and icons but with little glimpses of bold excitement like the pearl/mirror inlays on the box.

The shortened W/L helped achieve a more energetic feel and is predominantly used for the sports range.

A few of the celebrities seen wearing Westward Leaning.