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Danielle Levitt


Danielle Levitt is a renowned film director and photographer who has been documenting music, art, fashion, and celebrity for over two decades. Her work encompasses a diverse range of subjects, from iconic cult figures and models to underrepresented communities across various cultures. Levitt is known for her unique ability to create a connection with her subjects, which sets her work apart from others in the industry.

Danielle has a truly unique personality that is a powerhouse of energy. Clearly, her website and brand needed to reflect this energy, and we knew that a normal, bland, black-and-white site wouldn't cut it. To achieve this, we used custom typography, bold fonts, and splashes of color throughout the site.

The user has the option to choose from a varied group of templates and select the background, image, and text color that best suits their photo. 

The website's general color scheme uses three colors throughout the layout, which change four times a day to match the theme.

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