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Spencer Lowell

Spencer Lowell is an accomplished photographer based in Los Angeles. His work is a fusion of art and science, and he has been commissioned by some of the world's most prominent publications. He has traveled extensively for his assignments, from a research vessel in the Mediterranean to a desalination plant in Dubai, and from Norway's Global Seed Vault to the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear plant and even Mark Zuckerberg's office.

The strong grid accentuates the photos, and the bold, vibrant green color scheme is a nod to the scientific and artistic nature of his images.

We created a custom typeface called LD_SPENCER_LOWELL to assist Spencer in showcasing his artistic style through his brand and website. The bold, geometric lines of the typeface serve as the foundation for showcasing his photographs and precisely connect to the website's underlying grid. 

The stationary was an extension of the website.

LD_SPENCER_LOWELL is a unique custom stencil type specifically used throughout Spencer Lowell's site. The type choices and structured grid system all help reflect the scientific approach to Spencer's photography.

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